Just keep cleansing – our IonCleanse journey continues

We’ve now completed 2 weeks of detoxing by using the IonCleanse by AMD footbath. We had all started off on the same two day on, one day off schedule for Autism, but found that it didn’t suit all of us. I had a major detox reaction which wiped me out completely for a day, and took another 3 days to recover. I’ve now gone to the regular schedule for adults and am only cleansing two- three days a week.

Our BuddyBoy who was initially reluctant to get his feet into the bath has now become a footbath cleansing pro. 🙂  While we fill up his footbath, we let him know that it will be his turn shortly, and he will come out and supervise the activity, sometimes even taking a seat on his chair already and waiting for us to put the footbath 20150729_203647in the right place. He has no hesitations in sticking his feet in, and leaving them in there. The itching that he experienced during the first week has subsided, and his feet are no longer getting red on top (like a hives reaction). We have now gone up to 20 minutes which is his targeted time, and he’s perfectly happy with that. It blows me away every time I see it!

The IonCleanse comes with a chart which indicates what the varying colours of the ‘goop’ could indicate about your detox. So far, we’ve all had liver colours, and metal deposits – even BuddyBoy had some once he started doing 20 minute sessions. There’s also been quite a bit of yeasty stuff floating around – gross!

Over the last week, we’ve seen:

  • BuddyBoy has been very cuddly with my mum, insisting that she give him lots of cuddles and keep him company in his room. He also happily passes out hugs to his sisters, and has started to pucker up for a kiss, rather than letting us kiss him on the forehead.
  • He initiated playing “This Little Piggy” – pulling my mum’s hand to his toes and saying, “this little pig” when she didn’t know what he wanted. Initiating interactions has been a very unusual occurrence for him – I often get the feeling that he wants to play with us, but doesn’t know how to tell us.piggies
  • Lots of speech, including “no more piggies”, requesting “Hairy Maclary” DVD by name, naming various Hairy Maclary characters (hasn’t done that for a long time), and answering a question with “no” (HUGE).
  • Calmly sat and played with his toys while Daddy gave him a haircut. All over his head. A proper haircut, not just the usual two or three snips we get in as quickly as possible before we risk gouging out his eyes with the scissors because he hates haircuts and refuses to sit still. Seriously – a HAIR CUT!!!
  • His teachers at school have commented that he’s been more calm and settled, and they are very happy that he is leaving his nappies on.
  • His evening routine has started to include more bouncing on the bed and he’s having a harder time settling to sleep again (unlike last week). But he is easier to wake up in the mornings for school and is happy and cuddly, so I’m assuming the quality of his sleep has improved.
  • He’s developed a rather annoying vocalisation – he will ‘yelp’ loudly all of a sudden, particularly if he can get a good echo up – like in the school hallway, or the car.
  • Friday brought a bit of a detour. BuddyBoy developed a deep, hacking cough while at school. He seemed happy enough when I picked him up, but completely lost it before I could get him to the car. He was ‘off’ all afternoon and evening – not very happy, not wanting to eat or drink very much, with an occasional cough. Friday night was footbath night according to his schedule so we went ahead with it. It completely changed his behaviour – he sat there calmly, eating and drinking and having a cuddle. We only made 16 minutes as his feet were itchy – something which I now associate with toxins coming out in greater quantities. After the bath he was a lot calmer than previously, and played with his toys rather than lying on his bed and yelling.

success graphI am usually the first to play ‘devil’s advocate’ and obviously I can’t say that the IonCleanse is completely responsible for these changes. BuddyBoy will often go through a good few weeks and then crash – which he did shortly before starting the footbaths. I do feel that it is the detoxing that he’s able to do now with the IonCleanse that is helping him, and helping other supplements to become even more effective. The real test will be how long these changes last for – if we have seen no regressions by the end of the study it will be extremely unusual.

Disclaimer- so that I’m completely open and honest about this, I want you to know that we were provided with a free IonCleanse to use during the study, and we are expected to report to AMD about the results. AMD do not expect me to share our progress with anyone else, although I do have permission to do so. The IonCleanse is to be returned at the end of the study, unless we choose to purchase it at a discount. If anyone purchases an IonCleanse (which comes with a 100% money back guarantee – where else do you find that in the Autism world??) and mentions my name, I will get a referral fee. Which I will be putting towards the cost of purchasing the IonCleanse as we love it and intend to buy it when the study has finished!

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  1. Are you still using the footbath? How’s your progress? We’ve been using the Ion Cleanse system for a month now. While we have yet to see huge gains, I remain hopeful. I think it is doing something as we’ve seem some odd behaviors, some random rashes which could indicate a detox reaction. My wife and I both got lower ATEC scores on our son as well. Anyone looking for an honest look at the ion cleanse can follow our journey here. http://imsimplyadad.com/ion-cleanse-for-autism/


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