Our IonCleanse Journey

For those who are following our journey of using the IonCleanse by AMD footbath, I will link all my relevant posts on this page. The first post will be on the bottom, and the latest on the top. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom as well. 🙂

Month Three Results – Wow!!!!

School’s back in, and we have a new word: “fooba”

The Results are in from Month Two on our cleansing frenzy

When is it time to start worrying?

The dreaded flu has struck but we’re still IonCleansing on

Let me introduce you to SuperBoy

“A perfect fit”, thermometers and birthday parties

Just keep cleansing – our IonCleanse journey continues

The Start of a New Journey – Foot Baths!

Disclaimer- so that I’m completely open and honest about this, I want you to know that we were provided with a free IonCleanse by AMD footbath to use during the study, and we were expected to report to AMD about the results. The IonCleanse by AMD was to be returned at the end of the study, unless we chose to purchase it at a discount – and you’d better believe we did! If anyone purchases an IonCleanse from AMD (which comes with a 100% money back guarantee – where else do you find that in the Autism world??) and mentions my name, I will get a referral fee. We loved it so much that we started selling them (at Wellbeing Choices) but after a few years of helping Australians and New Zealanders add this tool to their recovery box, we unfortunately couldn’t continue.

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