Being an Autism Parent has taught me…

To cherish every little smile that is bestowed upon me.

That it’s okay to cry with happiness when your child actually looks you in the eyes.

How important it is to just be there – not doing, just being.

That Love is expressed in so many more ways than just through words.

The importance of nurturing my relationships and helping them to flourish – but only the ones that really count.

All is not always as it appears – especially when it comes to children having meltdowns in public places.

That sometimes you can feel so proud of your child that you might burst – even though they’ve only said one word.

How hard you have to fight to get your child the basic things in life.

That other people can be totally ignorant, clueless, self-centred, arrogant, rude and opinionated – and they don’t hesitate to share all that with you in front of your child.

To be grateful for sleep – any amount, anytime, anywhere.

The importance of what goes into a little person’s stomach – and how hard it is to get it in there in the first place.

That you can build up a tolerance to the smell, look and feel of poo – everywhere.

That other mothers on the same journey as you, make better friends, cheer squads, therapists, researchers, teachers, and marriage counselors, than anyone who you could actually pay to do those things for you.

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