About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!
My name is Martina and I’m a chocoholic. 🙂 I’m also a mum to 6 children, and no, none of them are twins. Hubby, the kids and I live in Victoria, Australia along with a collection of dogs, cats, birds and chickens.

One of my sons has severe Autism with Developmental Delay and Intellectual Disability. This is not the ‘pretty’ Autism you may see on the news, but the nonverbal, absconding, poo smearing, biting, kicking, screaming and head banging kind. Three of my girls have Asperger’s as well as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and a few health issues, just to make things more interesting in our home. Not to mention the explosive Pyrrole tempers, particularly from our youngest son who also has major gut issues with allergies and intolerances. We’ve realised that our boys have mitochondrial dysfunctions, and PANS is also a visitor in our house, which explains a lot!

When I’m not busy dealing with meltdowns of varying degrees (and not all of them mine), I’m trying to blend homeschooling, schooling, parenting and marriage. I’ve also started a business – pop in and have a look: Recovery Choices. Most of my (extremely limited) spare time is spent researching Autism and how to help my children heal. I do believe that there are things I can do to help my children, so my life’s mission is to improve their health and well being (and mine while I’m at it).

So you can see why I need a good dose of chocolate to get me through my day. That, and a great deal of prayer – relying on the Lord’s strength to carry me over the rough spots. Grab a cuppa, a chocolate bar or three, and settle down for a read of my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Martina. Many of us in the USA read the Oct 21st article regarding your life and your son in The Age. We want to help. We know without question that your son can be helped. Please let me know how we can reach you and collaborate. I was up at 4 am yesterday because these stories wear me out and I can’t sit around an do nothing. Several of us moms who are rowing that autism boat with you want to help. Let us know how we can contact you. much love – Paulette


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