Vaccine reactions in the news??!!

It has been all over my facebook feed today that Robert De Niro came out in defence of individualised medication. How scary is it that in this day and age, we’re not allowed to say that some medications will be good for some and not for others? Whether it’s paracetamol and antibiotics or vaccines, I don’t see how anyone could expect one drug to be safe for everybody. It’s like saying that because I can eat peanuts without any problems, it is perfectly safe to force feed a small child 1000 or more peanuts at a time.

My children did not become Autistic after a vaccination. I know that for a fact, because most of my children have not been vaccinated, and yet I still have four children on the spectrum. My second daughter had an adverse reaction to the two vaccines she received and we nearly lost her – as a result we have made the decision that vaccines in our case are not safe and carry more risks than getting the disease (which most of the time the vaccine doesn’t actually protect you from anyway). We do not rely on herd immunity, because we know that herd immunity does not work for vaccinated individuals and is not counting adults who are not up to date on their vaccinations. Instead we practice good hygiene, rely on a clean diet to keep our bodies healthy, and use alternatives to vaccines to help with symptoms of childhood illnesses.

Apparently some would see my children as cesspools of germs and disease, which they spread throughout the community and endanger other children simply by existing in an unvaccinated state. When my children had whooping cough (which by the way is not prevented by the vaccine) we stayed home so we didn’t get others sick. We were directly exposed to chickenpox by a friend who had it for the third time (interestingly enough she’d been vaccinated for it three times), yet none of us got chickenpox. If my son has a slightly runny nose or cough, I keep him home from school, so he does not spread his germs to others. I wish more parents would do that because I’ve often seen kids with green, snotty noses coughing and sneezing while still at school – regardless of your vaccination status, I don’t see how that can be healthy for anyone.

The day is coming (very soon) where our children will be no longer seen as our responsibility, but will belong to the government. The government will decide how we can give birth to them (and no doubt how many), what to feed them and to inject them with, how to school them, what jobs they should do and where they can live. Looks like George Orwell wasn’t that far off the mark.

Mandatory vaccinations are the beginning of a very slippery slope for humanity as a whole and I feel sad for those people who cannot see that.