When being Different means having to stay the Same

Living with Autism means having differences. You might communicate in a different way (or not at all), you might eat a different way (or not at all), you might play a different way (or not at all) and you might have a lot of health issues (or not at all). The world we live in doesn’t always appreciate differences, and they can make life very difficult at times, just ask any kid with Autism who goes to school. Assuming they can answer your question of course. Continue reading

“Oh, Your Child Has Autism. How Can I Help?”

If you’re only visiting Autism land, rather than living here permanently, you may wish to get to know some of the population, or feel that you’d like to help them somehow. So how can you offer help when you might not be sure exactly what sort of help is needed? Perhaps you’ve even tentatively made an effort, only to be rebuffed by a parent who assures you that, “everything is fine” and that no help is required. Continue reading