Cancer and Autism don’t mix

Autism is hard enough to live with, but how do you cope when the Mum gets cancer? Not just once or twice, but three times, and her child is totally dependent on her for everything?

I have been following the blogs from the Thinking Moms’ Revolution for a while now. Those mums (and dad) know what I’m going through with my own kids, and they are determined to help them despite the naysayers. One of the blogs that really grabbed me was about Autism and the Church, written by Booty Kicker. Attending church and following our faith was a big part of our life, until the Autism monster exploded in the middle of it.

When you have a child that cannot sit still for more than a minute or two, church is not exactly a comfortable place. If your child insists on verbal tics and vocalisations in the middle of prayer, you get strange looks. Other children feel like they’re missing out if your child is sitting there, plugged into their iPad or portable DVD player (and the parents don’t look too impressed either). Chasing your child through the rain or searing heat while everyone else is sitting inside listening to the sermon, doesn’t exactly imbue you with the right spirit. Then there’s the issue of fellowshipping over a meal – something else that became impossible to do because we are on a restricted diet.

So I stopped going and stayed at home with my son while my husband took the other kids to church. Booty Kicker (Melanie Baldwin)’s post really helped me to know that it wasn’t just us going through these issues. There are hundreds, if not thousands of families out there who can no longer go to worship at the House of the Lord. A lot of us felt a kinship with her post and a sense of relief that it wasn’t just us.

Now, Melanie has once again got cancer. She’s already beaten breast and bone cancer, and has recently been diagnosed with spine and liver cancer. Her son Luke is severely ill and needs constant attention – like many of our kids he injures himself due to his autism. Autism doesn’t come cheap, and neither does cancer, and how do you replace a mother who is battling for her own health?

Her family needs your help. Please make a donation, so that her family can continue on while she is not able to be with them. Pray for Melanie, her son Luke, and her husband Tim during this time of need. Pay it forward!

BK fund

Edited 7th October 2014 – Melanie has passed away and is now resting without pain, in the arms of her Saviour. Her son still needs constant care, and her husband will have to try and take care of their sweet boy while still grieving for the loss of his wife. Please pray for this family to be able to work their way through their grief, and for the continued care of Luke. Please give if you can.